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Wonderfull product! I bought this product before my third c-section with the intention of using it only for better support postpartum. This product not only provided great support, it minimised my pain alot. I could walk properly and it offered fantastic support with feeding and winding the baby.


Girl-LogoThe purpose of a Postpartum Abdominal Binder is to help your body to heal from the inside out. During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, your organs move and your muscles, skin and uterus stretches. During this time one out of 3 women will experience the separation of their Rectus Abdominis muscles (this is the muscles that stretch from your navel to your pubic bone). These muscles will also be separated during a C-Section to open the abdominal wall to reveal your uterus. The Separation will seldom heal on its own and could lead to Diastasis Recti (permanent separation of the Rectus Abdominis muscles). The main purpose of the Goodbye Belly Wrap is to push these muscles back together to encourage reattachment while gently pushing the stretched skin back against the underlining tissue. It also encourages a better posture and gives support for your back during breastfeeding.


How should I wear my Goodbye Belly wrap?

The belly wrap is placed around your lower abdomen and tightens with 4 separate straps. These straps are fastened with Velcro and can be re-adjusted as your body changes. This also ensures that the wrap takes on your own body shape and will help prevent the wrap from sliding out of position.

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