Our mission is to educate women about the benefits of belly wrapping after birth, especially women facing  a C-Section. They now have the opportunity to get back there pre-pregnancy figure without the typical cesarean-belly.

A lot of doctors have started to promote the vast benefits of postpartum belly wrapping and highly recommend them, especially to C-Section patients. Still there are some women that are not so fortunate to hear about them and are stuck with more than just a cesarean scar.

We hope that by making postpartum belly wraps more available we can help more women by giving them one less thing to worry about.

Most belly wraps only consists of one large wrap that gets pulled around the tummy area. We at Thinking Mom realized that a women’s body is not straight. We have developed a new innovative product that gets fastened with four separate straps to ensure a more secure fit.  Our aim is to give a superior product that will be comfortable but also give optimal results.

We hope that you will share the secret of belly wrapping with a friend.  This way you can help other women, that might not know, that they do not have to say goodbye to their flat tummies after a cesarean, but they can now wave their pregnancy belly goodbye.