F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Postpartum abdominal binding is an age old custom that involves the wrapping or binding of your abdomen after you have a baby.

The purpose of a Postpartum Abdominal Binder is to help your body to heal from the inside out.  During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, your organs move and your muscles, skin and uterus stretches.  During this time one out of 3 women will experience the separation of their Rectus Abdominis muscles (this is the muscles that stretch from your navel to your pubic bone).  These muscles will also be separated during a C-Section to open the abdominal wall to reveal your uterus.  The Separation will seldom heal on its own and could lead to Diastasis Recti (permanent separation of the Rectus Abdominis muscles).  The main purpose of the Goodbye Belly Wrap is to push these muscles back together to encourage reattachment while gently pushing the stretched skin back against the underlining tissue.  It also encourages a better posture and gives support for your back during breastfeeding.

Unlike a corset that can weaken muscles, the width of the Goodbye Belly Wrap will encourage the wearer to pull in their tummies and thus strengthen their weaken muscles while supporting your abdominal wall and back.  This support will also help if you suffered from a hernia (a hernia is when the internal organs push through a weak point in the abdominal wall muscles).  This is common during your pregnancy or during the birth process.

Unlike most Belly Wraps that consist of one large band that is turned around your abdomen, the Goodbye Belly Wrap fastens with 4 straps to insure superior fit and maximum comfort. The Straps has Velcro on the ends and the whole wrap is made from a fabric that is Velcro compatible to insure a large size range for each wrap. We have also added thin Velcro compatible strips for extra strong hold.

Belly wrapping can be used after a C-section or a normal birth. During pregnancy 1 out of 3 women will experience the separation of their Rectus Abdominis muscles. This could lead to weakened muscles and even an abdominal hernia after pregnancy (A Hernia is when abdominal organs push through a weakened spot in the abdominal wall).   A Belly Wrap will help to push these muscles together, providing a superficial wall for you organs will your muscles heal. It is also designed to encourage the wearer to pull in their tummies to help them strengthen their muscles further, that were weakened during their pregnancy.

This will also give your abdomen the muscle memory it needs to make pulling in your tummy an everyday thing. Unlike a corset that will weaken the muscles by taking over the job of the stomach muscle, the width of the Goodbye Belly was specially designed to push organs back in their original positions while using the stomachs own muscles for support.

What a Belly Wrap does after a C-Section is it puts pressure on the skin that was detached from the muscle during the C-section. The pressure helps the skin to reattach to the muscle without fluid build-up that cause the typical Cesarean-belly. During a C-Section the Rectus Abdominis Muscle is torn apart or in some severe cases cut to allow the physician to remove your baby. A Belly Wrap will help to push these muscles together, providing a superficial wall for you organs will your muscles heal. The support also provide pain relief and encourage a better posture that will strengthen weakened muscles.

No, postpartum abdominal binding is not intended to replace exercise.  The main objective of postpartum belly wrapping is to help your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state and heal from the inside out by:

  • Gently pushing your uterus back in its position while it is contracting and returning to its no pregnancy size.
  • Helping your muscles reattach and heal while decreasing your chance of developing or  worsening a hernia or developing Diastasis Recti  (Seperation of your  Rectus Abdominis muscles)
  • Pushing the skin against the underlining tissue to help it reattach while reducing fluid buildup between the skin and muscle while your tummy is getting smaller.

If you had a C-Section please note it is not advisable to exercise during the first 6 weeks after the operation.  Later on you can also use your Goodbye Belly Wrap during exercise to focus your attention on your abdomen and thus optimizing your abdominal workout while protecting your back.

Your body is amazing and after you have your baby your body will secrete different hormones to help your body heal and even forget the pain from the birth.

The most significant of these hormones is Oxytosin.  This hormone will help your body to produce milk and will also cause your uterus to contract in order for it to reduce in size.  The hormone on its own however isn’t sufficient and the nurses and midwifes will always encourage you to push your uterus back, every time you visit the toilet.  This is to insure your uterus contracts sufficiently and is pushed back in its place.

On its own these hormones can’t push your Rectus Abdominis muscles back together in order for them to properly reattach

You can start to use your Goodbye Belly Wrap the day after a Natural birth or C-Section.   Belly wrapping is becoming very popular with some gynecologist and in some hospitals a physiotherapist will help you to put it on while in hospital. Please note it is advisable to consult your doctor if you had any complications during the birthing process.

Unfortunately belly wrapping is most effective during the first 12 weeks after you have your baby.  During this time your body secrets hormones and activate other healing mechanisms that optimize the effectiveness of postpartum abdominal binding.

The Goodbye Belly Wrap should be worn for 6 weeks during the day and night.  This is the standard time that most muscle and tissue need to reattach and heal.

We advise to take your pre-pregnancy size if you have gained less than 15kg, and to order one size larger if you gained more than 15kg.

We do use orthopedic elastic to make the Goodbye Belly wrap.  Any elastic that is stretched for long periods of time will show elastic strain.  This will be a good sign that you are wearing it correctly and the elastic is shaping around your body.  This will also help your Goodbye Belly Wrap to take on your individual shape, making it more comfortable.

The Goodbye Belly Wrap is registered as a non-surgical medical devise with Medi-Kredit.  Due to the nature of the product it is registered as a ‘single use product’, this implies that each product can only be used by one person.  Because of this registration we can’t refund any used products.  If you did receive the wrong size Goodbye Belly Wrap, please return your unused product via the post office, with is 7 days, and we will send you the alternative size as soon as we receive the tracking number.